8 Steps You Should Take To Remove Moths

It’s not easy to get rid of moths in your home. Moths are thick, furry pollinators which feast on items found in your home. If you have flying moths in your kitchen and moth larvae present in a food container then there is a high risk of food contamination. If you want to get rid of moths from breeding and snacking then you need to take the necessary steps to remove moths:

moth control
moth control

Here are 8 ways to remove moths in your home:-

  • Fill the home with cedar

Take a spray bottle and mix cedar oil with water or in a diffuser. This will spread the scent of cedar in your home. The pheromones in cedar repelled moths and other insects.

  • Combine dry, crushed, and powdered herbs

Take lavender, cloves, bay leaves, and rosemary in a bag and hang that bag near clothes or food in your house. This will help in moth control as moths don’t like the smell of these herbs. Spray this oil on your clothes and other items. A combination of these oils will give you an effective result.

  • Using a sticky trap

To attract the moths, cover it with moth pheromones. The moth will be stuck to the surface and after they are stuck there is no way to escape. They die after that.

  • Keep your rug, carpets and molding cleaned

It’s important to keep your home clean and dust free with the help of a vacuum, dusting cloth, and eco-friendly cleaner. Dust and dirt attract the moths in your house so it’s important to clean your house regularly. Clean your dusting cloth regularly and empty vacuum contents so that egg and larvae don’t develop.

  • Freeze clothes and belongings

If your clothes and other belongings show the signs of a moth then for at least 24 hours keep the items in a freezer. After that check larvae are killed off. 

  • Clean all the clothes that have larvae & eggs

When you are washing your clothes then you can use warm water. If possible it is highly suggested to use high heat in the dryer. To kill the larvae and eggs you can put the clothes in the freezer if clothes are unable to wash and dried hot.

  • Use vinegar 

If you found larvae and eggs in your home then with the help of vinegar and water wash and scrub the area.

  • Call a pest control service

Sometimes you need proper pest control treatment because removal and techniques are not enough. Contact a professional pest control company if you think that moth infestation is out of control. They also offer the best solutions to solve the problem. 


Moth can cause plenty of damage to your clothes, food, and belongings. So with regular pest inspection keep the moth away and your home allergies free. Follow some preventive measures to keep the moth out. So, one of the great ways to keep them away is to use diffusing cedar oil. Our customer support is ready to solve all of your queries.

The Steps to Eliminate Fire Ants From Your Property

In case you are encountering fire ants at your place, you are at great risk. However, battling with fire-ants is a bit tricky, but is not impossible. With the few below mentioned steps, you can easily get rid of ants. In case you live in Bexley then Pest Control Bexley can be the most preferred option. Whether it is a nest or pavement of fire ants in your home or a sighting of ants marching in your kitchen area, this article will help. 

Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Fire Ants From Your Property

Know The Famous Hangouts

It’s common that most fire ants infest in kitchens. After all, the kitchen is a place full of food and water and everything that red ants need to live. However, bedrooms, bathrooms, lying areas, lawns, room heaters attract fire ants. Keep an eye on these famous areas to prevent fire ants at your property.

Remove Water Source

Reducing standing water and moisture in and around your property is a must. This can be a great way to get rid of fire ants. Keep a regular check on pipes, sinks and other damage-prone areas. Do not forget to fix the leak as soon as it happens. You may call Pest Control Bexley for help.

Remove Food Source

Keep your kitchen area green and avoid keeping leftover food open, especially in monsoons. Wipe off the food spill quickly without waiting further. Ants can come from nowhere to the foodstuff and destroy your property.

 Keep Your Pet’s Clean

Dogs and cats invite fire ants and other insects as they enter the home from outside. Therefore, maintain a habit of regularly brushing your pet, whenever it enters the home. Furthermore, keep your home openings(windows and doors) shut when not in use. As fire ants can enter through even the tiniest opening spaces.

Block All Access Points

Eliminate all the access points by inspecting your property from outside. Make sure the bushes and trees are kept properly trimmed. Also, ensure branches should not be touching the house. Seal any opening to avoid ants from entering your place.

Don’t Clear Fire Ant’s Alone

Without proper knowledge and tools, fighting ants might be risky. What worse than fire ants that continue to multiply with time. Additionally, fire ants are known for damaging property. They might bite you if irritated. So it’s better to seek top rated pest removal service.

Looking For A Professional Fire Ant Control Service?

Fire ants can make infestations at your place and can contaminate food and spread infections. So, if you are battling with fire ants at home, we can help. Pest Control Bexley is famous for pest control services. As long as we are here, you can live freely. Hire our experts today. With proper training and tools, our pest controllers provide effective results. We ensure you an ant-free property when you hire us. Book your appointment today at 02 3813 8559